GE Capital Credit Card

Apparently the GE Capital Credit Card is getting a whole lot of bad press for quite some time now. So many are claiming that they are somehow forced into late payments by the institution no matter how well they pay the accounts. We aren't sure how true or false these claims are, but we do feel that it is deserving of a mention here being that if you search for information on the GE Capital Credit Card you will surely find their reviews. We will mention right off the bat here that whenever you are seeing a company that has an APR at 29.99% that is usually a pretty high interest rate and you would be best to steer away from such interest rates whenever possible.

However, there are of course some people who are able to manage the GE Capital Credit Card just because generally anyone can be approved for them, including those who don't need to be. The information links we have shared in this article are for the GE Capital Credit Card for sporting goods. When you visit their site everything at least looks cool to say the least. The great thing is that you aren't bombarded right away with so many different advertisements trying to sell you right away. Their whole deal is not really to sell the items themselves but to get you a financing option with one of their stores in their portfolio who has hat you are looking for. The people who tend to use their GE Capital Credit Card the most are those who actually don't care about the high interest rate because they want to be able to finance the purchase and pay it on their own terms anyway. The other type of customer who may use the GE Capital Credit Card is doing so because they also get to finance their item, but they never have the intent to pay.


People that are those who never intend to pay are really the whole reason we have such high interest rates on any credit cards in the first place. The more people that are more likely not to pay a card, the more likely the interest will increase for everyone who owns one of those same cards. Of all the bad that is said and seen regarding the GE Capital Credit Card, at least you do find that they don't charge an annual fee on top of all the other drama. Since they are not the ones actually providing the service you are looking for in the end, they don't really have any benefits to offer. For example, you want the sporting gear? They will show you which partners are in their portfolio that sell sporting gear and then you will see what benefits each of them offer.

Either way, their interest rate will still be the same regardless of which service or product is found using them. At the end of the day, the choice of signing up with the GE Capital Credit Card is really all up to you. Maybe you are one of the few lucky ones who will be able to tame this wild beast of a card where there are many who have failed in their efforts.